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Handelsbanken in Greater China

As your banking partner in Greater China we offer a full range of corporate services backed by local expertise and experience.

In Greater China since 1982

Corporate banking in Greater China

For more than 35 years, Handelsbanken has supported customers doing business in Greater China. With many years of experience of operating in Greater China, we have developed excellent local knowledge and extensive networks in the region. 

Branch offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai
Our branch offices in Hong Kong and in Shanghai offer a wide range of banking services to corporate customers throughout the region.  

Representative offices in Beijing and Taipei
At our representative offices in Beijing and Taipei, the experienced staff offer you the local support and network you need to succeed. Benefit from advice in contacts with local authorities, banks and companies, and doing business in those two markets.

Corporate services in Greater China

Corporate accounts

We offer a wide range of local accounts and foreign currency accounts to support your business and trading with Greater China. Need help finding the right account? We'll work closely with you to answer all your questions and find the most suitable account for your business. When you open an account with us you’ll be given a direct number so that you can speak straight to your account manager about your day-to-day banking needs.

Hong Kong Deposit Protection Scheme

Cash management

We have many solutions to help your business, whether you're making payments, or receiving them, or if you simply want full control over your working capital. Our secure online banking service, GlobalOn-Line, is just one example. And our CashPool another, which enables you to link together individual accounts or account structures to utilise intragroup liquidity. 

In Greater China, there are many elements that need to be considered regarding cross-border payments, such as fluctuating exchange rates. In mainland China, cross-border payments are categorised into two types, each subject to different regulations. We have the expertise and knowledge to help you. In mainland China, we are member of China National Advanced Payment System (CNAPS), making local transactions quick and secure. 

In Hong Kong, we are able to offer our customers electronic payroll services, which ensures that staff are paid accurately and on time.  


Our financing solutions can help you improve your short-term finances and cash flow. If you need help to cover a temporary shortage of cash, an overdraft facility may be the answer. Together with your personal account manager at Handelsbanken, you can discuss the financing options for your company. 

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Trade finance

We can offer you a full range of products for managing your import and export needs. Our expertise in the field, and Handelsbanken's strong presence in Asia, enable us to offer superior services and solutions. And with the local currency licenses in place we can offer businesses a complete solution. 

Treasury services

Let us help you protect your business and take advantage of fluctuating interest and exchange rates. We offer competitive spot and forward exchange rate solutions in all major currencies including RMB (CNY). If you tell us about your needs, we will customise a solution together with our specialists.

Digital services


Present in more than one country? With GlobalOn-Line you will have direct access to summarised account information for all your international accounts. You will be able to execute payments and transfers, no matter where you are. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Features include:

  • summarised account information
  • intra-group transfers
  • local and cross-border payments
  • services in co-operation with other banks.

Research online

Get the latest equity and credit research reports and comments, as well as a database with extensive data and estimates for around 300 Nordic companies. You will also get our global macro economic research, as well as tactical research covering fixed income, foreign exchange and commodities that provides buy and sell recommendations. 

In-depth knowledge about China

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China Outlook is a newsletter for you who want to read in-depth content about China and its economy. You also get access to the Handelsbanken China Macro Index. China Outlook is published four times a year.

Contact us

Every company has its specific needs. We are happy to help you find a solution that suits you and your business. Please refer to your local office for more information or to make an appointment.

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Branch offices

Our branch offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai offer a wide range of corporate banking services throughout the region.  

Contact Handelsbanken in Hong Kong  
Contact Handelsbanken in Shanghai

Representative offices

Our experienced staff in Beijing and Taipei offer you the local support and network you need to succeed. 

Contact Handelsbanken in Beijing  
Contact Handelsbanken in Taipei