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Domestic and cross-border payments

Domestic payments

Domestic payments are made in PLN and in Poland. Execution of domestic payments are made depending on your needs and requirements.

Payments are executed by using the Elixir system handled by Krajowa Izba RozliczeniowaOpens in a new window (KIR) or by Sorbnet handled by National Bank of PolandOpens in a new window (NBP).

Elixir is used to execute payments up to 1 000 000 PLN as well as all payments directed to Tax offices and ZUS. Every working day, there are three settlement sessions: morning session (I), afternoon session (II) and evening session (III).

Sorbnet is used for payments over 1 000 000 PLN as well for those payment which are sent on customers request, except payments directed to ZUS and Tax office.

Session number Session sent from Handelsbanken Session received by Handelsbanken
I 08:00 11:45
II 12:00 15:15
III 15:00 17:30

Domestic outgoing payments

The outgoing domestic payment order should have the following information:
  • ordering party's name
  • ordering party's account number in NRB format
  • order amount
  • beneficiary's account number in NRB format
  • beneficiary's name and address
  • details of payments (max 70 characters)
  • value date
  • date and ordering party signature or signatures
Outgoing payments might be delivered to the Bank by using GlobalOn-Line or in paper form. As paper form we treat a document delivered to the Bank in person.
Payment sent by until are executed by using
GlobalOn-Line 15:30 same value day Sorbnet
GlobalOn-Line 16:00 same value day Elixir
Paper 10:00 same value day Elixir / Sorbnet
Paper 10:01 or later next business day Elixir / Sorbnet
Domestic standing order (pdf)Opens in a new window
Domestic payment order (pdf)Opens in a new window

Cross-border payments

As of 2 December, 2019, the Bank will no longer make payments in CNY. 
Informujemy, iż od dnia 2 grudnia Bank zaprzestaje realizacji płatności w walucie CNY.

Cross-border payments are executed through banks and financial institutions according to international SWIFT standards. 

Handelsbanken in Poland executes cross-border payments in the following currencies:

Currency code Name of currency
CHF Swiss Franc
DKK Danish Krone
EUR Euro
GBP British Pound
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
JPY Japanese Yen
NKK Norwegian Krone
PLN Polish Złoty
SEK Swedish Krona
USD US Dollar


BIC is short for Bank Identifier Code. Any bank which is executing cross-border payments has its own BIC/SWIFT.
Cross-border payments which are missing BIC/SWIFT or a correct IBAN account number might not be executed.
Cross-border payment order (pdf)Opens in a new window