Career opportunities

Find out about the career opportunities available and the alternatives for career development at the Bank.

A variety of opportunities

Handelsbanken offers a variety of career opportunities – in different roles, business areas or countries. Find out more about what you can work with at Handelsbanken and where in the organisation you'll find that kind of work.

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  • Branch offices  

    While working at a branch office you are responsible for all important business decisions involving your customers. Working at a branch office requires business-oriented skills and the ability to focus on the customer. At a branch office there are many opportunities to develop your skills. You can specialise in a particular area of interest or become a manager.

  • National head office

    Even if the branch is responsible for the business, there is not room for all the Bank's expertise at every single branch office. At the national head offices there are central resources and competencies in order to support and help the branch offices. Some examples are product specialists, legal support, administrative roles and human resources. 

  • Handelsbanken Capital Markets  

    Capital Markets co-ordinates products, services and expert knowledge for customers in all our home markets. It includes a wide variety of roles, such as business specialists, traders, analysts, economists, lawyers, communicators, product specialists, advisors and system developers.

  • Handelsbanken IT  

    At Handelsbanken, we develop and manage most of the IT infrastructure ourselves. To be able to control the chain from development to ready-to-operate, our employees form the core of the operations. Most of Handelsbanken IT is based in Sweden, but we also have IT employees in the other home markets. Among the various positions you will find IT architects, researchers, developers, test designers, operators and support staff.

  • Group units

    The Bank's head office incorporates central functions such as Group-wide staff functions, business areas and specialists. They all share the same main task: to support the branch network. The head office also has departments responsible for group finance, risk control, compliance, communications, legal affairs, credits, auditing and human resources. 

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Constant development

At Handelsbanken, we have a well-established and structured process for the development of our operations and employees. Our strength is derived from the combined expertise and competence of our employees. When employees develop, the Bank develops. We believe in day-to-day learning and that employees contribute to developing the business, themselves personally and their colleagues.

Cultural ambassadors

Handelsbanken's strong corporate culture and values are vital to our success. Throughout our employment, we as employees have the opportunity to develop.

This internal mobility helps to ensure that both the working methods and corporate culture are spread to all parts of the Bank's operations. Thus internal recruitment and long-term employment are important to us. 

To retain employees, the right conditions must exist for professional development and consideration must also be taken of the stage of life that they are in.

Management skills

Managers at Handelsbanken must be exemplary ambassadors for the Bank's corporate culture, which explains why most managers are recruited internally. 

Efficient management succession planning is critical. This to be able to satisfy current and future needs for competency.    

One of the most important tasks for managers at the Bank is to identify, encourage and develop new managers in operations. To prepare prospective managers, development programmes are carried out that focus on change management and developing our business model. 

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