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Handelsbanken's strong corporate culture and values are vital to our success.
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Trust and respect for the individual

Our idea of how we should run our bank is based on trust and respect for the individual. That is why Handelsbanken is a decentralised organisation. This decentralised approach leads to better, quicker decisions close to the customer. It also creates commitment and an opportunity for our employees to make an impact and do an even better job.

A high degree of responsibility

At Handelsbanken, employees have a high degree of individual responsibility. As employees, we are all given a mandate to make our own decisions, and we are all driven by putting the customer first. Throughout our employment, we have numerous development opportunities. We can develop within different professional roles, in different areas of the Bank, or in different countries. This internal mobility helps to ensure that both the working methods and corporate culture are spread to all parts of the Bank's operations.

Framework for gender equality, diversity and inclusion at Handelsbanken


At Handelsbanken, we strive to have an inclusive work culture, with trust and respect for all individuals. Diversity is one of the key factors in creating profitability and being an attractive employer. The Bank must reflect the diversity of the communities in which we work. We endeavour to achieve and maintain a balanced gender representation in the various roles in and parts of the Bank.

Working with gender equality, diversity and an inclusive corporate culture is a fundamental part of Handelsbanken’s values and culture, and should also be a natural and integral part of our day-to-day work. All business plans include goals and activities that promote gender equality, diversity and an inclusive culture. 

Core values

Putting the customer first

When recruiting, we look for people who share the Bank's core values and who can contribute with their diverse experiences and perspectives. For us, it is vital that employees are driven by putting the customer first and that they enjoy taking responsibility, regardless of where they work. 

Trust in the individual

Our concept of how to run a successful bank is based on having trust in and respect for the individual. Above all, working at Handelsbanken is about relationships with other people. It does not matter how good the products or services are if the Bank does not have the right kind of employees to help its customers. 

High degree of responsibility

Our decentralised organisation means that we give our employees a high degree of responsibility and a mandate to take the initiative. This trust is based on our belief in people's willingness and ability to seek and overcome new challenges and continuously improve their skills. It is also important that our employees are independent and take initiatives.

The art of co-operation 

At Handelsbanken, we are all part of our success and of the values we create by co-operating with each other. No matter where we work in the Bank. 

The Bank's traditionally good relationships and co-operation with unions are a valuable component of our culture. 

Long-term relationships

We take a long-term approach to relations with both customers and employees. We regard each recruitment as an important, long-term venture. Employees with extensive experience and a broad knowledge of the Bank as a whole play a vital part in ensuring that the Bank continues to have satisfied customers. To retain employees, we believe in offering personal development opportunities at work while respecting the work-life balance of the individual.

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