The debt programmes constitute the cornerstone for the Bank’s market funding.

Our debt programmes

These are the funding programmes for both Handelsbanken and Stadshypotek. Stadshypotek AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Handelsbanken and issues covered bonds under a licence from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Covered bonds by Stadshypotek are published in accordance with the Swedish Covered Bond Act and the European Covered Bond Council.


Amount in millions Currency
AUD Medium Term Bond Programme 10 000 AUD
Euro Medium Term Note Programme 50 000 USD
Euro Commercial Paper Programme 25 000 EUR
French Negotiable European Commercial Paper 9 500 EUR
U.S. Commercial Paper Program 25 000 USD
U.S. Medium Term Note Program rule 144A/exemption 3(a)(2) 20 000 USD
Yankee Certificate of Deposit unlimited USD
Medium Term Note - warrant  and certificate programme 100 000 SEK
Swedish certificate programme 25 000 SEK
Samurai 400 000 JPY


Amount in millions Currency
AUD Medium Term Covered Bond Programme 5 000 AUD
Euro Medium Term Covered Note Programme 20 000 EUR
U.S. Medium Term Program rule 144A 15 000 USD
Swedish certificate programme 90 000 SEK

Domestic Covered bonds *   **  

unlimited SEK
* limited by cover pool size
** Outstanding nominal amount for tap issues, updated weekly and published on