Handelsbanken Global Gateway

Access all your accounts within Handelsbanken – via one connection.

File communication through Handelsbanken Global Gateway

Through Handelsbanken Global Gateway you can debit your accounts with all Handelsbanken branches as well as accounts with our partner banks around the world. It offers a wide range of reports and account statements which enable automatic reconciliation and other STP procedures. It is based on standardised and secure communication methods, and supports general standard formats such as SWIFT, ISO 20022, EDIFACT and a number of local formats.

For all companies

Handelsbanken Global Gateway is flexible as regards to connectivity options and file formats. It fits all types of companies who want to send payments on file to the bank and/or receive reports on file from the bank. 

Streamlined communication

Regardless if you have standardised to a global file format or use local file formats, you can use the Gateway to streamline your bank communication. In order to connect, standardised and secure communication methods are used. The broad range of methods supported ensures you can connect to Handelsbanken Global Gateway both from centralised (e.g. payment factories) and decentralised configurations.

The most common options are online banking file management, host-to-host solutions such as SFTP and FTPS, or SWIFT for corporates.

Global coverage

Handelsbanken Global Gateway can be linked to any ERP system. You select the location you want to use as your single point of entry. Via your banking portal, you obtain direct access to your accounts in Handelsbanken as well as accounts with our partner banks around the world. We have operations in Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the UK and the United States. 

The Gateway fulfils large corporate requirements for centralised payment management, for example with a shared service centre or a payment factory. It also fits smaller companies with only one entity or a few entities sending local file formats. 

Liquidity management

We can offer one single point of entry and one single file format, for example MT940 or ISO 20022 camt.053, on all account statements for your accounts with Handelsbanken and other banks. This means that you will have daily global visibility of cash balances and an improved control. Funds can easily be transferred between the accounts using our global multi-currency CashPool. 

Confirmations of executed currency and money market transactions are available for automated matching. This also applies to settling foreign exchange transactions with other banks, subject to a separate CLS agreement.


  • Single point of entry.
  • No extra software or license required.
  • Reduces costs for communication and maintenance.
  • Enables automatic reconciliation and STP.

File formats


Supported formats

Handelsbanken Global Gateway supports general standard formats such as SWIFT, ISO 20022 and a number of local formats. Regardless if you have standardised to a global file format or use local file formats, there is a good chance that you can use Handelsbanken Global Gateway to streamline the bank communication. 

Here you will find implementation guidelines and example files: 
ISO 20022 XML  
Other/local formats

Testing files

Perform a test to establish whether your ISO 20022 XML file has the correct validation by using XSD schemas. This works for pain.001 and pain.008.