Handelsbanken's public PGP key

PGP can be added as file encryption when sending and receiving files.
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Protecting your files with PGP

Benefits of PGP

When sending or receiving files to or from Handelsbanken, PGP can be added as file encryption. The main functionality and benefits of using PGP are:

  • Change protection
  • Confidentiality
  • Non repudiation

PGP agreement

To be able to use PGP with Handelsbanken, you are required to sign a PGP agreement. Please contact your local branch office to receive the necessary documents. 

Exchange of PGP keys

You will also need to exchange public PGP keys with Handelsbanken. Depending on which services you need, we require both a public key on a corporate level and public keys on an individual level. 

Change of current key

Handelsbanken will make the next key available on this webpage well in advance of the current key expiration date. We will also announce the exact date here when Handelsbanken will start using the new key for outbound traffic from the bank to you. Make sure to add our new key to your key ring before this date in order to avoid any problems. 

Current public PGP key

The current key 6 is valid until 31 May 2025.

Contact us

Ikon kontakt

For questions regarding the key exchange, please contact us:  

Telephone: +46 40 24 57 65
E-mail: pgpadministration@handelsbanken.se