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Personal banking

By meeting your individual requirements we build a trusting, long-term relationship.
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Local and personal – everywhere

At Handelsbanken, the local branch is always responsible for the customer relationship, regardless of how, where or when a customer contacts the Bank. As a customer you can do your banking when and where you please – on your phone, tablet or computer, or by visiting your local branch office. 


Up close and personal

Forget about anonymous call centres. At Handelsbanken we believe in being as close as possible to our customers, locally and personally. Through our extensive branch network we offer a range of personal banking services, always with your individual needs in focus. Our customers appreciate that we know them and the local market, and that we make our business decisions there, together with you, the customer. 

Available on your terms

Our customers expect to be able to do their banking when and where they please. This is why we are continually developing and improving our availability and our digital meeting places, thus enabling customers to visit their branch on their phone, tablet or computer. In several home markets, we offer personal telephone support 24 hours a day. 

En pratbubbla med ett frågetecken inuti och en pratbubbla med ett i inuti

Advice with you in focus

When providing financial advice, we always consider your overall situation and financial circumstances, with no distractions such as sales targets or incentives. Using this knowledge, we can provide guidance on financing, payments or investments that is adapted to each customer’s individual requirements. This puts the focus on you, the customer – not individual products or services.

Private Banking

kvinna och man på ett bankmöte

At Handelsbanken, we carefully select a team of specialists who create a total solution especially for you. This is based on a complete overview of your financial situation. We offer a comprehensive and personal strategy for managing your assets, and all aspects are taken into account: legal, taxation, insurance and investment issues. 

Private Banking services are provided in our home markets Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK. For customers residing outside our home markets, Private Banking services are provided via our Luxembourg branch.

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Private Banking in Luxembourg

Digitalisation at Handelsbanken

Technical development moves at a rapid pace and is continuously changing the way we do business. At Handelsbanken we prioritise areas that has the most value to our customers, and therefore to us. We have collected examples of our digital development work in order to give a quick overview of our ongoing projects. This content is updated on a quarterly basis.

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