How to protect yourself

Your trust is important to us. That's why we prioritise your security.
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Protect yourself and your devices

Our number one priority is your security. But in order for you to avoid falling victim to fraud, you also need to think about protecting your:

  • devices - computer, phone and tablet
  • cards and codes

What we do to protect you

Handelsbanken constantly works to improve security when using our online services. We perform regular testing and updating of our systems and we monitor transactions. We treat your personal information in a secure manner.

If you suspect

Phishing, false sms or fake phone calls

Make a police report and contact us:
Support +46 771 77 88 99 

Fake e-mails
If you suspect that you have received a fake e-mail with Handelsbanken as the sender, forward the e-mail to:

CEO fraud

How it works 

One of the more common types of attempted fraud is called CEO fraud. 

The fraudster usually poses as the CEO or as one of the other senior company executives. Using a false or hijacked e-mail address, the fraudster sends an e-mail to the accounts department, asking them to make a payment. 

There have also been cases where the fraudster has phoned an employee at the company to prepare them for an incoming e-mail, in order to reduce the risk of raising suspicion. 

How to avoid becoming a victim 

  • Ensure that all information relating to the payment is in order.
  • Do not respond to payment orders that deviate from the norm in some way without first checking that it is correct to proceed with the payment.
  • Pay attention to the type of language used in e-mails you receive.
  • Pay attention to the sender’s address of the e-mails you receive.

What you can do for your own safety


Your computer and mobile devices

Update your operating system, browser and security program regularly so that you always have the latest version. Use an updated antivirus program and preferably a firewall. Do not install unknown programs. Only install apps from official app distributors like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. When visiting unknown websites, make sure that no malware is installed. Finish every visit to our online services by logging off and closing the web browser.

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Your cards and codes

Do not lend your log-on card to other people or give away information about your log-on card, PIN and the response codes that are generated when you use the card with the card reader.

Sensitive information

Be careful what information you post on the internet and social media. Never give away sensitive information over the phone. If you receive an e-mail appearing to come from Handelsbanken with questions about your credentials, do not answer it. No bank seeks such information from you via social media, phone-calls or e-mail.