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Gender equality

The promotion of gender equality, diversity and an inclusive corporate culture is a fundamental part of our values.
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Gender equality

Our gender equality goal

We aim to be a place where women and men have the same opportunities, circumstances and control to shape the Bank and succeed in their own career. In all countries where Handelsbanken operates, a gender equality plan to support the Group's equality goals must be in place. The aim is to create an equal gender balance in the various professional roles, working groups and units at the Bank.

Three Chief Executives speak about gender equality

Carina Åkerström
Carina Åkerström
President and Group Chief Executive, Handelsbanken

”The promotion of gender equality, diversity and an inclusive corporate culture is a fundamental part of our values.”

"In Handelsbanken we strive for an inclusive corporate culture with trust and respect for the individual – both our customers as well as our employees. This demands that questions regarding gender equality and diversity are taken seriously. When we mix people with different genders, age, backgrounds and views, we can meet each other and our customers with greater understanding and therefore create trust and good relationships."

Louise Sander
Louise Sander
Chief Executive Officer, Handelsbanken Liv

”Conscious choices lead to more gender equal pensions”

"A gender-equal pension is all about making conscious choices during your work life. Working part time, how you split parental leave and how you invest your pension capital –  all decisions that result in women generally having a lower pension than men. If you are self-employed it is also important to budget both for a salary and set money aside for your pension.”

Magdalena Wahlqvist Alveskog

Magdalena Wahlqvist Alveskog
Chief Executive Officer, Handelsbanken Fonder

”Equal companies perform better”

"We engage in gender equality in the companies we invest in. By staffing two thirds of the nomination committees we take part in with women, we can contribute to the nomination of more equal boards of directors. Since gender equal companies perform better, I am convinced this will benefit you as an investor."  

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Sustainability in Handelsbanken

Our sustainability work encompasses the whole of the Group’s operations in all markets.