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We collaborate with Childhood and ECPAT

About the work

Promoting children’s rights

Handelsbanken collaborates with the children’s rights organisations the World Childhood Foundation and ECPAT, which work to prevent sexual abuse of children. Supporting children and young people is a major part of the Bank’s social sustainability work. Together with the World Childhood Foundation and ECPAT, we aim to promote children’s development and rights in society.  

The collaboration includes spreading knowledge, both among employees and customers, through, for example, lectures, customer meetings, social media, and newsletters. We contribute expertise from different parts of the Bank, and, together with the World Childhood Foundation and ECPAT, find ways to prevent our banking services from being used for payments related to material depicting sexual abuse.

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Environment and climate

We are working to minimise the climate impact that results from our operations.
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The Sustainable Development Goals

What is our role in the global work towards a more sustainable future?