Handelsbanken invests SEK 220 million in Covid-19 Response Bond

By investing in Nordic Investment Bank's Covid-19 Response Bond we want to contribute to easing the effects of the covid-19 pandemic
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We need to act to ease the economic and social impact of covid-19

Handelsbanken Fonder has invested SEK 220 million in the Covid-19 Response Bond, issued by Nordic Investment Bank (NIB). The bond is aimed at supporting businesses, society and healthcare in order to ease the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic. NIB's Response Bonds will finance projects within the NIB's member countries to help and support them in their rebuilding process.

Our societies are under severe pressure because of the ongoing pandemic. When evaluating the Covid-19 Response Bond it is our assessment that the means and "use of proceeds" fulfil our criteria regarding sustainability. We welcome NIB's initiative as a way to ease the economic and social effects of the pandemic. It is therefore important for us to make this investment with the hope that it will have a positive effect, says Erik Gunnarsson, fund manager at Handelsbanken Fonder.

Participating funds
The following fixed income funds have invested in Covid-19 Response Bond. By saving in these funds you are part of supporting this initiative.

  • Företagsobligation 
  • Företagsobligation Investment Grade
  • Hållbar Global Obligation
  • Långränta
  • Ränteavkastning
  • Räntestrategic

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