Gender equality, diversity and inclusion strengthen the Bank

Handelsbanken’s operations are based on respect for the individual, both customers and employees.

Working with gender equality, diversity and inclusion is a fundamental part of Handelsbanken’s values and corporate culture, and should also be a natural and integral part of our day-to-day work.

Our objective for gender equality

Gender equality at Handelsbanken means that everyone at the Bank, regardless of gender, must have the same rights, opportunities and conditions to develop and contribute to the Bank’s development. 

The objective is to respect and make the most of each employee’s competency, experience and value, so that they can develop as individuals and in their professionals roles. Our objective is to have a staff with an even gender balance, where at least 40 per cent are women or men, in all parts of the Bank – in terms of the various professional roles, areas, units and countries. 

Our objective for diversity

Diversity at Handelsbanken encompasses various individuals’ different skills and work experience, different ways of thinking and solving problems, socio-economic background, appearance and personal circumstances. It also includes differences such as gender, transgender identity or expression, age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, disability, religion or other beliefs, or any other grounds for discrimination. 

Our objective is to attract, recruit, develop and retain employees with diverse background and perspectives. The Bank should reflect the natural diversity in our communities.

Our objective for inclusion

By having an inclusive corporate culture, we make the most of all the advantages that gender equality and diversity entail. We show trust and respect to others, allow and appreciate differences, share our knowledge and experience with others, take new approaches, and are open to different perspectives – are committed, participative and collaborative. 

The goal is for all employees to feel respected and included.

Framework for gender equality, diversity and inclusion

To co-ordinate and clarify our position, the Group-wide Diversity Council forum, which consists of participants from the senior management teams of all home markets, Capital Markets, Group IT and Group HR, has developed a framework. Here is a summary of our framework