Handelsbanken Green Bond Impact Report

For the second consecutive year we have published our Green Bond Impact Report, which shows our green bond's contribution to the reduce greenhouse gas emission.
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Our green bond contributes to reduced carbon dioxide emissions

During 2019, Handelsbanken’s green bond contributed to reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 218,000 tonnes. This is presented in the Handelsbanken Green Bond Impact Report, which was published for the second consecutive year.

The report in brief

Projects financed through Handelsbanken's green bond contributed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by a total of 218,388 tonnes in 2019. The main areas from which the reduced emissions can be derived are renewable energy, cogeneration, and sustainable forest management.

The approved green assets in Handelsbanken’s green register increased in 2019. At the time of issue, in the summer of 2018, these amounted to approximately SEK 10bn. At the end of 2019, the volume totalled SEK 12.1bn. The report covers all projects which have been financed within our green bond framework. Three customer projects from the following categories are also presented: Green buildings, Sustainable forest management, and Renewable energy. The estimated annual energy production from financed projects amounts to 825 GWh.

The report has been audited by Ernst & Young.

Our green bond

In June 2018, Handelsbanken issued its first green bond: a five-year green senior bond for EUR 500 million. The issue was made possible by the Green Bond Framework which the Bank produced in the first half of the same year. The Framework received a rating of ‘Dark Green Shade’ – the highest possible – from Cicero, the Center for International Climate Research, an independent body.

By issuing green bonds, we are able to finance customer investments and projects that help to reduce climate impact and increase environmental sustainability. 

Carl Cederschiöld

Carl Cederschiöld, CFO Handelsbanken: 

- I am pleased to present our second Green Bond Impact Report on the projects we have funded with the green bond proceeds as well as their contribution to realisation of the Global goals and the Paris Agreement. But our ambition is to do more. 

We aim to issue more green bonds in the years to come and continue to accelerate the transition together with our clients and investors.

Camilla Johansson Hållbarhetschef

Camilla Johansson, acting Chief Sustainability Officer:

- Handelsbanken wants to be part of the solution in the transition to a more sustainable society. I’m proud that we, together with our customers and investors, are able to contribute to this transition by financing sustainable projects and operations.