The most sustainable brand among Swedish banks in 2019

Sustainable winner  2019

The most sustainable bank – when companies choose

The independent brand study Sustainable Brand Index 2019 that was published on 30 January shows that small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) regard Handelsbanken as the most sustainable brand among Swedish banks.

In the study, decision-makers in SMEs were asked how they evaluate brands in different industries from a sustainability perspective. In the 2019 survey, Handelsbanken is regarded as the most sustainable brand in the category bank. 

At Handelsbanken, we work responsibly and close to our customers. This gives us the opportunity to participate in and influence sustainability issues in society.

Erik Elvingsson Heden

Erik Elvingsson Hedén, Managing Director SB Insight, that conducts the survey, comments: 

- Handelsbanken has effectively managed to convey their work with sustainability to its Swedish SME customers. It is mainly within the social aspects of sustainability where Handelsbanken stands out compared to its competitors.

Sustainable Brand Index B2B is Europe's largest brand survey. During November-December 2019, decision makers with purchasing responsibility for companies with between 40 and 500 employees were interviewed. A total of 600 people responded to the survey.

Camilla Johansson Hållbarhetschef

Camilla Johansson, Acting Head of Sustainability at Handelsbanken: 

- It is very rewarding that our corporate customers have noticed our sustainability work. We have seen an increased awareness regarding sustainability and more and more studies are being conducted to evaluate how banks contribute. It makes me extra proud that we did so well in the Sustainable Brand Index study, because it is based on what our customers think. It also shows the importance of communicating our sustainability work.

Our decentralised model means that we know our customers and the community in which we operate. It creates possibilities to be involved, both in society at large and in local sustainability issues.

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