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The Sustainability Yearbook 2020

Handelsbanken is one of the most sustainable banks in the world
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Handelsbanken is featured as a ”Sustainability Yearbook Member”

Handelsbanken is one of the most sustainable banks in the world, and the only Nordic bank included in the SAM Sustainability Yearbook 2020, which, for the first time, is launched under the S&P Global brand.

In this year’s edition, Handelsbanken is again featured as a ”Sustainability Yearbook Member.” This means that of all the world’s banks, Handelsbanken is among the 15 per cent that have the highest rating in terms of sustainability, and for the first time the only Nordic bank to be included.

“This is the result of our extensive sustainability work throughout the Bank. The analysis done by S&P Global is very comprehensive and conducted from a global perspective. In other words, we are being evaluated and compared in an international context,” says Camilla Johansson, acting head of sustainability.

Sustainability is an important area for Handelsbanken, and the Bank continued to intensify our work on these issues in 2019. Handelsbanken Asset Management enhanced the sustainability requirements for our mutual funds and we have continued to develop Green loans both to corporate customers and private individuals.

“In the past year, we have seen a lot of activity in several areas. All this work reinforces the view of Handelsbanken as a sustainable bank. And in 2020 we will strive to become even better, as the  expectations from our customers rise.” says Camilla.

About The Sustainability Yearbook

Since 2004, the Sustainability Yearbook has listed the world’s most sustainable companies. This year's report analyses and ranks more than 4,700 companies – the most in the history of the report. The evaluations are based on an array of sustainability criteria with economic, environmental and social dimensions. Each company receives a total sustainability score between 0 and 100, resulting in a ranking of all companies in each sector. Handelsbanken received a total score of 74.  

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