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The Sustainability Yearbook 2021

Handelsbanken is one of the most sustainable banks in the world
Handelsbankens huvudkontor med en lagerkrans utmärkelse Sustainability Yearbook 2021

Handelsbanken is featured in SAM Sustainability Yearbook 2021

For the fifth consecutive year, Handelsbanken has been included in the SAM Sustainability Yearbook. We are the solitary Nordic bank to have achieved this five years in a row. The inclusion confirms that we are among the most sustainable banks in the world. 

Being included in the SAM Sustainability Yearbook means that Handelsbanken is in the top 15 per cent of the world’s banks, in terms of our sustainability rating.

–All around the Bank, our efforts to improve our sustainability impact continues, and to have this work validated is very gratifying. Particularly when the validation comes in the form of such a comprehensive survey, conducted from a global perspective, in which we are being evaluated and compared in an international context. Not only that, but more companies than ever were analysed in this year’s survey, says Adam Ersmark, sustainability controller at Group Sustainability.

Increased focus on sustainability 

The focus on sustainability in the financial sector increased considerably during 2020, and advancements in the area are being made at an ever faster pace. Handelsbanken plays a part in this development, and engages in intensive sustainability work on many fronts – everything from how we want to be perceived by potential employees, to new green products within lending, asset management and payments.

–Financing and asset management are key components in the journey towards a sustainable society. Customers’ expectations in the area are increasing, and our work to offer sustainable and competitive products to meet these demands continues unabated. We can also see how various regulatory frameworks are playing a major role in this development. For example, the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities will be a significant influence on how green assets are classified going forwards, says Adam Ersmark.

More information

Over 7,000 companies were included in the analysis underpinning the SAM Sustainability Yearbook this year. The evaluation is based on several financial, environmental and social sustainability criteria, from which each company receives a total sustainability score between 0 and 100, resulting in a ranking of all companies in the same sector. Handelsbanken’s total score was 74.

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