Responsible investments

At Handelsbanken we believe that sustainable business is made through responsible investments.
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How we work

Our goal is to generate long-term returns for our customers. This requires that we invest in a sustainable and responsible manner. We are convinced that companies that act in a sustainable manner are more profitable in the long run. That is why environmental, social and governance factors are key in our investment process. To contribute to sustainable development, we also work with focus areas and have adopted several voluntary frameworks, such as the UN Global Compact and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

The fund company 

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Handelsbanken Fonder (in Swedish only) 
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Policies and reports
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Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset Management 
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We integrate sustainability into our investment process by choosing the right company, the right index or the right mutual fund. It depends on the type of asset management.

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We exclude companies whose operations are incompatible with our policies or sustainability criteria. We also exclude companies with weak sustainability work, and where we see no possibility to influence this work. 

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Through dialogue, we influence companies to comply with international norms and conventions. We also adopt a proactive approach to influence companies to improve their work in the field of sustainability, in general or on specific issues.

Sustainability in our investments

Asset management

As investors, we see opportunities with sustainability and in the 2030 Agenda. Our investment strategies practice exclusion of controversial sectors, but can also work with thematic investments, for example renewable energy, financial inclusion and climate solutions. A majority of our mutual funds have specific sustainability criteria. These funds go further to exclude controversial industries in their investment strategies, for example alcohol, tobacco and gambling. The range includes index funds, actively managed funds, fixed income funds and allocation funds with special investment focus.

Pension solutions 

Through our subsidiary, Handelsbanken Liv, we offer pension and other insurance solutions. All mutual funds offered to unit-linked insurance customers are examined to determine how they deal with financial, social and environmental sustainability in their management process. Besides financial criteria demands are made on systematic sustainability work with due consideration of international norms and conventions.

Operations through the Bank

Our Nordic mutual fund operations is conducted by Handelsbanken Fonder. We also conduct asset management activities in the UK through Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset  Management and in the Netherlands through Optimix. 

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Sustainability within the Bank 

Our sustainability work encompasses the whole of the Group’s operations in all markets.