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Our sustainability goals

Net zero emissions. Responsible financing and investments. Advisory services and training with the aim to reduce the wealth gap between men and women.
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Our goal is net zero emissions by 2040 at the latest

Carbon neutrality 

Handelsbanken’s climate goal is to achieve net zero emissions of greenhouse gases as soon as possible, and by 2040 at the latest. Our goal applies to our business operations, i.e. lending, leasing and investments. But it also includes us ourselves – the emissions deriving from our energy consumption and business travel. The EU’s goal is net zero emissions by 2050, while Handelsbanken has decided to adopt the more ambitious goal of 2040. We are convinced that a rapid, co-ordinated transition, aimed at limiting global warming to as close to 1.5°C as possible, would be best for our customers, for the communities we operate in, and thus also for us.

Where we are today 

Handelsbanken’s own operations have been carbon neutral since 2017, and we climate compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions we cannot avoid. We work tirelessly to reduce these emissions, to the extent that we have achieved a decrease of 62 per cent since 2013.

Goals, sub-goals and strategies are reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis, to align with developments in scientific knowledge and the IPCC’s reports.

What does net zero emissions mean? 

Net zero emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere means those emissions that are made are not out of balance with the ecological cycle, or can be removed with the help of technological solutions. At this point, the emissions would no longer contribute to the greenhouse effect.

How we will become an even more sustainable bank

Watch the interview with Catharina Belfrage Sahlstrand, Head of Sustainability and Climate action at Handelsbanken about our sustainability goals.

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Our objectives within financing, investment and advisory services 

  • Responsible financing – 20 per cent of the Bank’s lending is to be defined as ‘green’, or the terms and conditions of the financing are to state that the borrower will contribute to a sustainable transition in its own operations.
  • Responsible investment – Investment portfolios aligned with the Paris Agreement, and maximising investors’ contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Advisory services – By 2023, through the development of advisory tools and training courses, create the conditions for measurably higher returns on women’s savings and thus reduce the wealth gap between men and women.

Governance and transparency 

Handelsbanken will provide regular reports to executive management and the Board on progress relating to the processes for adapting the Bank’s operations to the principles and the fulfilment of the Bank’s goals.

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