1. Sustainability governance

Sustainability governance

Sustainability is well integrated in Handelsbanken’s working methods and governance.
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Organisational structure for sustainability

How we work

At Handelsbanken, we feel it natural to integrate sustainable thinking in our decision making. A decentralised way of working, close to the customer. We also have a designated team working with co-ordinating the sustainability work in the Group's overall operations.

Policies and guidelines

Other than regulations and national laws, we also have policies and guidelines. The policies are revised by the board every year, and guidelines issued by the CEO supplement and clarify the policies. We also have policies and guidelines for Handelsbanken's subsidiaries. 


If would like to get in touch with us regarding the Bank’s sustainability work, please contact us by e-mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Sustainability reporting 

Handelsbanken’s sustainability reporting covers our most important sustainability topics, and how we implement them in our work. In our Annual and Sustainability report activities and results for the recent year are described. In our Sustainability Factbook we cover details on our material sustainability topics and detailed performance disclosures, key figures as well as the complete GRI Index. We report annually and our reporting covers the Group as a whole. The Sustainability Report and the Sustainability Factbook are prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option and are reviewed by external auditors before being published.

Risk management 

Sustainability risk can arise in any of the Bank's roles and operations. It is important to anticipate and manage sustainability risk, for financial and legal reasons as well as for the Banks reputation. Our efforts for managing sustainability risk follow the Bank’s decentralised model and are in line with the Bank's low tolerance of risk. The Bank's business operations bear the responsibility for identifying sustainability risk and managing it. This is done within a framework of established processes for risk and management.


We have an ongoing dialogue with our suppliers. When making purchasing decisions we assess how the suppliers work and their policies regarding sustainability. We have also implemented a code of conduct for major suppliers that we expect them to follow. As a result we see a positive link between the code, our ongoing dialogues with our suppliers and their sustainability activities.

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The goals we focus on

In our work towards a more sustainable future we have chosen to focus on six of the sustainable development goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals