Cookies come in various forms. There are permanent cookies and session cookies. Handelsbanken uses both types on its web site.

Session cookies
Session cookies is a technology that enables the web server to distinguish different users. The cookie stores information on the user's identity and his/her permitted activities. These cookies are stored in the computer's memory during the online session of the Internet service and subsequently disappear.

Permanent cookies
En permanent cookie is a small file that enables web pages to recognise you on a return visit. It is a kind of electronic business card that the web server sends to the hard disk when you visit a web site. The next time you surf to the same web site, the server finds the cookie and recognises you. Permanent cookies do not contain any information on your identity or any other personal information.

A cookie is a text file and cannot harm the computer. A web site can only read a cookie that it has created.

Handelsbanken stores information on the user's branch office in the permanent cookie in order to direct him/her to the correct start page.

Handelsbanken's cookies contain no sensitive information on the user.

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