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Annual General Meeting

Rights of shareholders and voting rights

Rights of shareholders

Shareholders exercise their right to decide on matters relating to the company at general meetings of shareholders. The Annual General Meeting (AGM), an ordinary general meeting, appoints a Board and auditors and also decides on their fees. The AGM also adopts the income statement and balance sheet, and decides on the matter of releasing the Board and Group Chief Executive from liability. Information in preparation for meetings, as well as minutes of past meetings, can be viewed here on the website. 

Notice of general meetings and all proposals for meetings are translated into English and are available on this website. However, the Bank does not offer the option of remote participation at shareholders' meetings.

Voting rights of shares

Handelsbanken has two classes of shares: class A and class B. Class A shares are by far the most important and represent approximately 98 per cent of all outstanding shares. Class A shares each carry one vote, while class B shares carry one-tenth of a vote each.

Handelsbanken's Articles of Association state that at shareholders' meetings, no shareholder is allowed to exercise voting rights representing more than 10 per cent of the total number of votes in the Bank.

Latest AGM 2020

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The Bank's 2020 Annual General Meeting was held on 25 March at the Victoria Hall, Stockholmsmässan exhibition facility, Älvsjö, Sweden.