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About the Group

A business built on trust

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We operate on timeless values of trust and respect, for customers and colleagues. We aim to build lifelong relationships with our customers and to grow through their recommendation. Our branch teams are empowered to take all the decisions that matter to their customers, and to engage locally in the ways they find best. Colleagues all over the Bank enjoy similar trust, within our open, supportive culture.

We believe in always taking responsibility. By running the Bank prudently, we are able to support our customers through all economic conditions. By sharing our knowledge freely, we can contribute to their financial capability. And by living up to our commitments we can make positive difference to the communities we serve. 

The Handelsbanken way

Our goal

Handelsbanken’s goal is to have higher profitability than the average of peer competitors in its home markets. 

This goal is mainly to be achieved by the Bank having more satisfied customers and lower costs than its competitors.

Our way of working

  • Trust-based management
  • A decentralised organisation
  • Customer first – not products
  • Up close and personal
  • A responsible role in society
  • A long-term perspective
  • Profit-sharing for all employees

The results

  • More satisfied customers than the industry average since surveys started in 1989 
  • One of the most cost-effective banks in Europe for many years
  • Lower loan losses than our competitors since the early 1990s

Where and how we do business

the globe

Nationwide branch networks

We have a nationwide branch network in our home markets the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK. In addition, we are present in other markets to support customers from our home markets. 

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Local responsibility

Each of our branches has complete customer and business responsibility, and decision-making authority in its local marketplace. The branch offices are supported by specialists and group units.  

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Satisfied customers

Our customers, both private and corporate, like our local, personal approach. Find more about what our customers appreciate as we present awards and survey results of Handelsbanken Group.

Regulations for control

As a decentralised bank, we operate a strong central framework of control. Our corporate governance structure distributes rights and responsibilities according to applicable laws, rules and internal processes. 

Find more information regarding stock market information, auditors, remuneration and regulations under Corporate governance.


The birth of a unique banking approach

Outside a Handelsbanken branch office

As the oldest company on the Swedish stock exchange, we have a long-term perspective.

The Bank was formed in 1871 by several former directors of Stockholms Enskilda Bank to pursue “true banking activities” for customers in Stockholm, Sweden's capital city. They established the bedrock of local banking we continue to build on. 

But it was a transformation in the early-1970s that gave us our unique way of working, based on trust and responsibility.