Decentralised working methods with trust and respect for the individual

A decentralised working method based on trust in, and respect for, the individual are integral to our corporate culture. Our employees are given meaningful responsibility and authority to make decisions on all kinds of matters relating to our customers and operations. This way of working creates genuine commitment and opportunities for every employee to make an impact on the Bank’s operations.

Handelsbanken strives to be the best bank for our customers. We seek to create value in all our customer meetings by continuously evolving and improving our bank offering in order to meet our customers’ needs. 

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A wide branch network

We have extensive branch networks in our home markets Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and the UK. In addition, we are present in Luxembourg and the USA to support customers from our home markets.

Employees all over the world

Close to 12,000 employees

At Handelsbanken we are close to 12,000 employees. More than 40 per cent are employed outside Sweden. In 2023, 44 per cent of all managers were women. 

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A top-rated bank

Handelsbanken is one of the world's strongest banks, with high ratings from leading independent credit rating agencies. 

Handelsbanken as an employer


We believe that everyone is important. Gender equality, diversity and an inclusive corporate culture are part of our core values and must be a natural part of our daily work, and are a prerequisite for an inclusive work environment. Our different backgrounds and experiences mean that we all have something different to contribute to the business, from a range of perspectives.

Handelsbanken’s strength is derived from the combined expertise of our employees. Every employee should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential, and we believe in people’s desire to improve and develop. Our work, therefore, is based on a clear structure within which our employees and our business operations can grow. This way, we are continuously improving – together.


Sustainability is important to us from many different perspectives, and is an integral part of our business model. We are aware of the fact that we have an important role to play, and a significant ability to impact the environment, the financial markets, and society in general. We run our banking operations in a responsible, sustainable manner, and we truly care about our customers. This is why we have clear sustainability goals, and a distinct strategy for how to achieve them.

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Handelsbanken has nationwide branch networks in our home markets of Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, and Norway, with associated support functions. You can read more about career opportunities and what we can offer in your home market on our local career pages.
Siluett över Stockholm stad


In Sweden, we have a nationwide branch network of more than 200 branches. We offer banking services to private individuals, as well as companies and financial institutions.

Vy över Oslo


In Norway, there are more than 40 branches throughout the country. Every day, we support our customers in matters concerning their personal finances, as well as their company’s finances.
Great Britian


In the UK, Handelsbanken has grown to a network of over 160 branch offices with a strong local presence. We provide a wide range of services to individual and corporate customer.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, we provide a wide range of banking services to private individuals, entrepreneurs and real estate companies. At present, there are 25 branches across the country.

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