In our home markets we have extensive branch networks. Each branch operates as a local bank, fully empowered to serve customers, build relationships and take all the important decisions locally. In addition, we are present in other markets to support our home market customers.

Home markets

Siluett över Stockholm stad


The Bank was established in Sweden in 1871. It is one of our home markets. In Sweden, we have an extensive branch network across the country. We offer banking services to private individuals, companies and financial institutions. 

Vy över Oslo


The Bank has been operating in Norway since 1986. We provide our personal and corporate customers with everyday banking services. It is one of our home markets with more than 40 branch offices across the country. 


The Netherlands

The bank has been operating in the Netherlands since 2002. We provide a wide range of services to private individuals, entrepreneurs and real estate companies. The Netherlands is one of our home markets with more than 25 branch offices across the country.

Great Britian


Having opened our first branch in 1982, we have grown to a network of more than 160 branch offices. We provide a wide range of services to individual and corporate customers, with customer satisfaction at the heart of our approach.

Other markets

- Handelsbanken


For more than 30 years, we have supported customers doing business in Luxembourg. 

At our Luxembourg branch we provide Private Banking services to the Bank's international customers. We also help our customers from Sweden and Norway with mortgages when buying property in France, Portugal and Spain. Locally in Spain, we are assisted by our representatives in Marbella.

- Handelsbanken

United States

Handelsbanken has supported corporate and institutional customers doing business in the United States since the early 1960s. 

The branch office in New York offers a range of financial solutions, such as corporate banking including cash management, international trade and capital markets.


S-Banken, Oma Sparbank and Fennia Liv will purchase parts of the operations in Finland. Until transfer date, it is business as usual.


Handelsbanken is set to gradually discontinue the operations in Poland and the Warsaw branch.