We value and protect a respectful culture and high ethical standards. Responding and taking action when things are wrong is very important for us.

Report suspected irregularities

Important to report

It is important for us to counteract risks and maintain confidence in our business operations. That is why we encourage our employees and other stakeholders to report suspected irregularities and unacceptable conditions.

This may involve financial crime, money laundering, breaches of regulations or other misconduct.

Safe handling of all reports

Do you suspect irregularities and unacceptable conditions within the Bank? Report this via our whistleblower system managed by the Bank's partner, WhistleB.

You can choose to report your suspicions openly or anonymously. We would prefer you to report openly by providing your name and your contact details. All cases are treated confidentially. There are procedures in place if you would prefer to report anonymously. A person reporting their suspicions does not risk reprisals or victimisation.

You do not have to provide evidence for your suspicion, but all information must be submitted in good faith.

How to report:

  1. Follow the instructions in the form.
  2. Tell us what has happened, where and when.
  3. Save the ID and password you receive. You now remain anonymous.
  4. We will respond within seven days.

Complaints or views?

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Do you have a complaint regarding one of the Bank's products or services? Maybe on a separate case? Follow the link and read more about how we deal with complaints at Handelsbanken.

You may also report to qualified authorities such as the financial supervisory authority: Finansinspektionen - Whistleblowers Opens in a new window