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The Handelsbanken logotype


The Handelsbanken logo is a well-known registered trademark, and as such, constitutes a valuable asset. All use must adhere to Handelsbanken’s guidelines, and take account of Handelsbanken’s legal rights to the logo. 

The logo must be treated with care and always be represented in its correct form. The logo has a specific blue colour tone, which must not be altered in the attached original files. Changes to the proportions or colour of the logo, or any other modifications of it, are not permitted. There must be no variations.


The logo must always be displayed against a white background. 


We will be happy to assist you with information and advice regarding our logo.Please contact us at this email address: brand@handelsbanken.se

Download logotype

Handelsbanken's logotype is available in two sizes: Large and Small.

Large should be used when the logotype is wider than 50 mm
Small should be used when the width is between 20 - 49 mm

Digital media:
Large should be used when the logotype is wider than 200 px
Small should be used when the logotype is smaller than 199 px

The files are compressed zip files. Click to download.

Logotype large (zip)
Logotype small (zip)

Clear space

The logo should always be surrounded by a free zone. No other objects are placed in the clear space, such as messages, addresses or other information. The clear space is a minimum space based on the width of the letter “n” in the logo. The defined clear space must not be reduced, but can be increased.

Clear space logo