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Our experts

Do you have a question about a specific part of Handelsbanken? Get in touch with one of our experts.

Macro Research

Contact Role E-mail Telephone Download image
Lena Fahlén 
Head of Research
+46 702315603
Lena Fahlen (jpg 1.4 MB)
Christina Nyman 
Head of Economic Research and Chief Economist
+46 707787765
Christina Nyman (jpg 1.5 MB)
Jes Asmussen 
Chief Economist, Denmark
+45 46791203 Jes Asmussen (jpg 2.6 MB)
Kari Due Andresen
Senior Economist, Norway
+47 22397007
Kari Due Andresen (jpg 1.6 MB)
Johan Löf 
Senior Economist, Sweden
+46 87015093 Johan Löf (jpg 1.4 MB)
Erik Meyersson
Senior Economist, Eurozone, China, Turkey
+46 87011412 Erik Meyersson (jpg 1.3 MB)
Anders Bergvall
Senior Economist, Thematic analysis
+46 87018378 Anders Bergvall (jpg 1.3 MB)
Timo Hirvonen Chief Economist, Finland timo.hirvonen@handelsbanken.fi +358 104442404
+358 405492476
James Sproule Senior Economist, UK jasp02@handelsbanken.com - James Sproule (jpg)
Helena Bornevall Senior Economist, Sweden and thematic analysis hebo12@handelsbanken.se +46 87011859 Helena Bornevall (jpg 1.6 MB)

Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange

Contact Role E-mail Telephone Download image
Claes Måhlén
Chief Strategist, Fixed Income
+46 707614369
Claes Måhlen.jpg (jpg 1.3 MB)
Lars Henriksson
Senior Strategist, Foreign Exchange
+46 705551541
Lars Henriksson (jpg 1.7 MB)
Kiran Sakaria
Senior Strategist, Fixed Income/Foreign Exchange
+46 84633654
Kiran Sakaria (jpg 1.6 MB)

Handelsbanken Asset Management

Contact Role E-mail Telephone Download image
Christofer Halldin
Head of Active Management,
Handelsbanken Fonder
+46 87013242
Christoffer Halldin (jpg 1.4 MB)
Emma Viotti
Head of Passive Management,
Handelsbanken Fonder


+46 87018356

Emma Viotti (jpg 4.5 MB)

Johann Guggi        

Head of Asset Allocation,
Handelsbanken Fonder


+46 87013013

Johann Guggi (jpg 1.4 MB)

Karin Askelöf
Head of Responsible Investments
+46 87013530
Karin Askelöf (jpg 1.8 MB)

Mats Nyman

Investment Strategist


+46 87011259

Mats Nyman (jpg 1.4 MB)

Global Equity Research

Contact Role E-mail Telephone Download image
Marcela Klang
Acting Head of Nordic Equity Research
+46 87015118
Marcela Klang (jpg 2.0 MB)

Equity Sales

Contact Role E-mail Telephone Download image
Johanna Sprung Edlund
Head of Equity Sales, Execution and Corporate Access
+46 87013481
Johanna Sprung Edlund (jpg 1.0 MB)

Debt Capital Markets

Contact Role E-mail Telephone Download image
Tobias Lindbergh
Head of Sustainable Finance
+46 87012004
Tobias Lindbergh (jpg 1.3 MB)

Corporate finance

Contact Role E-mail Telephone Download image
Alexander Ensér Head of Corporate finance alen02@handelsbanken.se +46 87012441 -

Digitalisation and innovation

Contact Role E-mail Telephone Download image
Stephan Erne 
Chief Digital Officer
+46 87014008
Stephan Erne (jpg 1.4 MB)


Contact Role E-mail Telephone Download image
Catharina Belfrage Sahlstrand Head of Sustainability sustainability
+46 722199934 Catharina Belfrage Sahlstrand (jpg 10.7 MB)