Quick facts about Handelsbanken

Below you find a number of facts about the group.
  • Handelsbanken is a decentralised bank which is locally established with a nationwide branch network in our home markets the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK. In addition, we are present in other markets to support customers from our home markets.
  • We have more satisfied customers than the average for peer banks in our home markets, according to the independent research institute SKI/EPSI. Satisfied customers are proof of the viability of Handelsbanken's method of working.
  • We take a long-term approach to our work and build personal relationships with our customers. Their needs and preferences are always our main focus. We are growing at a steady pace, gaining new markets via organic growth. It is unusual in Europe to find a bank that is growing organically and continuously whilst maintaining a low-risk approach.
  • We have a uniquely low risk tolerance, and for decades have had lower credit losses than comparable Nordic banks. The credit loss ratio for the 2019 full year was 0.04 per cent.   
  • Handelsbanken is financially stable, and one of the best capitalised banks in Europe. No comparable bank in the world has a higher combined credit rating from S&P, Moody's and Fitch.
  • Handelsbanken is the only major Swedish bank which has not received help from shareholders or taxpayers during financial crises. 
  • We have had the largest share of new savings in mutual funds in Sweden since 2010, and we are growing faster than the market. Our funds do not invest in coal power, prohibited weapons, or nuclear weapons. 
  • In the profit-sharing scheme, all employees are entitled to an equal allocation regardless of where they work, or what their position is. Allocations are made if profitability is better than the average of peer competitors in the Bank's home markets, and following an overall assessment of the Bank's performance by the Board.