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In Luxembourg we provide Private Banking and international mortgages.
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Your needs are our starting point

Private Banking and mortgage loans 

At Handelsbanken in Luxembourg we provide Private Banking as well as international mortgages to customers from our home markets buying property in France, Portugal and Spain. 

General Terms and Conditions (pdf)


Private Banking services

At Handelsbanken, we carefully select a team of specialists who create a total solution specially for you. We believe that knowledge is the key to success. This is why it is important for us to perform an in-depth analysis of your financial and legal situation. 

Our offering

Included in our offering are the following services:

  • Asset management – Access to all our leading edge skills in asset management, investments and analysis of the markets. You decide yourself how active you want to be.
  • Financing – Time to make new investments? We have the experience and expertise to help you find the simplest and best financial solutions for your needs.
  • Moving and living abroad – We help you to identify what you need to think about when moving abroad or returning home. For many countries, we can help you identify the most suitable structure for your investments and also provide you with in-depth information about what it's like living there. 

Wide range of funds

Increase the potential of your investment with our wide range of funds covering a broad spectrum of asset exposures and risk profiles globally. 

Handelsbanken's funds
Mutual funds that will cease to be marketed in Luxembourg

Customised solutions

We can also provide you with a customised solution. Your advisor is a specialist at analysing needs and will ensure that you receive the overall solution and private banking services which are best suited to you, your family and your company. 

Using your financial and legal situation as the starting point, we go through your wishes and future plans so that we can identify your requirements. Your advisor selects a team of specialists for you. We design a proposal for a solution that includes everything from traditional banking services to advanced specialist services. We offer frequent follow-up in a manner that suits you.

You are assured of personal, long-term commitment that is characterised by quality, expertise and continuity.

Countries open for cross-border payments

the globe

We have limited the number of countries that you can send money to and receive payments from. (List updated as of 21 March 2022.)

To be able to send and receive cross-border payments, you need to contact the local branch office to update your responses to our customer due diligence questions regarding payments.  

Countries open for cross-border payments (pdf)

Our approach to sustainability

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Our commitment 

Handelsbanken, understands the impact it has on society, the environment and the financial market. Taking responsibility and looking to the long term has been core values guiding the work over many decades.

Strong and lasting business relationships, low risk-taking and cost-awareness are cornerstones of Handelsbanken's business. The sustainable thinking has been integrated for so long that it has become natural. The financial strength is helping to avoid becoming a burden on society when times get tough. Instead, Handelsbanken can positively contribute by being financially stable. Handelsbanken always want to be close to the community where it operates, close to the customer.

Handelsbanken has significant responsibilities, and is committed to living up to them.

Helping you with your international mortgage

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Are you banking with Handelsbanken in our home markets and thinking about buying property in France, Portugal or Spain? We help customers from Norway and Sweden with mortgages. We can make the mortgage process as easy and straightforward as possible and provide you with the necessary contacts including lawyers and valuers.

Tell us about your requirements and we will find a solution to meet your needs.


Since January 2018, protection for securities investors was further enhanced with two new regulations which replaced MiFID, namely MiFID II and MiFIR. The two sets of regulations result from a review of MiFID and aim to increase transparency on financial markets and also the level of investor protection. In relation with these regulations, the following documents giving general information on specific MiFID related subjects are available:

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We take complaints very seriously as they offer us the opportunity to improve our services. Do you have a complaint regarding a specific matter? Here you will find more information about complaints handling in Handelsbanken.

Supervisory authority

Handelsbanken in Luxembourg is supervised by Commission de Surveillance du Secteur FinancierOpens in a new window (CSSF).