Handelsbanken in Poland

We currently offer corporate banking services in Poland, however Handelsbanken is set to close the operations.
Poland Warsaw

Set to close in 2020

Discontinued services

Handelsbanken is set to gradually discontinue the operations in Poland and the Warsaw branch. We will be able to offer limited services through other units within the Bank.

In the short term, general advice and assistance will continue to be provided by our Warsaw branch. 

Plan zamknięcia Oddziału w 2020r.

Handelsbanken zamierza zakończyć działalność w Polsce oraz zamknąć swój Oddział w Warszawie. Będziemy w stanie zapewnić Państwu ograniczony zakres usług poprzez inne jednostki Banku.

W krótkiej perspektywie podstawowy zakres usług oraz wsparcia biznesowego prowadzony będzie nadal przez Oddział w Warszawie. 

Information relating to Covid-19

Ikon information
  • Uniform rules for offering assistance tools by banks - extra-statutory moratorium / 
    Jednolite zasady oferowania narzędzi pomocowych przez banki – moratorium pozaustawowe: 
    Moratorium pozaustawowe (pdf) 

  • Banks' position on the standardisation of rules for offering assistance tools for banking customers / 
    Stanowisko banków w zakresie ujednolicenia zasad oferowania narzędzi pomocowych dla klientów sektora bankowego: 
    Moratorium - wersja notyfikowana (pdf) 

Digital services


Present in more than one country? With GlobalOn-Line you will have direct access to summarised account information for all your international accounts. You will be able to execute payments and transfers, no matter where you are. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Features include:

  • summarised account information
  • intra-group transfers
  • local and cross-border payments
  • services in co-operation with other banks.

Research online

Get the latest equity and credit research reports and comments, as well as a database with extensive data and estimates for around 300 Nordic companies. You will also get our global macro economic research, as well as tactical research covering fixed income, foreign exchange and commodities that provides buy and sell recommendations. 

Contact us


Wołoska 22
02-675 Warsaw


Opening hours

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00


Tel: +48 (22) 381 73 00

Corporate Banking 

Tel: +48 (22) 381 74 00
E-mail: warszawa@handelsbanken.se 

Online Banking Support 

Tel: +48 (22) 381 74 88 
E-mail: support.pl@handelsbanken.se

Currency exchange transactions and deposits

Tel: +48 (22) 381 73 69

HR department 

Tel: +48 (22) 381 73 50
E-mail: hr.pl@handelsbanken.se  
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Lost or stolen cards

Cancel cards via ING Bank Śląski.
Tel: +48 32 357 00 12   
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Customer complaints

We take complaints very seriously as they offer us the opportunity to improve our services. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding our products or any other aspects of our service.

Complaints in Poland 
Skargi i Reklamacje

Supervisory authority

Handelsbanken in Poland is supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervision Authority FinansinspektionenOpens in a new window

Deposit guarantee

The deposits of Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ) branches are protected by the Swedish deposit insurance programme.  

According to the Swedish law, insurance covers all deposits and current accounts balances per bank (including foreign branches) per each customer – private or legal person. In the case of insured event the insurance provides compensation of up to EUR 100,000 per customer.