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Executive management

Per Beckman

Per Beckman ¹·² 

Executive vice president and Chief Credit Officer
Group Credits

Carl Cederschiöld

Carl Cederschiöld ¹·²

Executive vice president and CFO
Group Finance

Magnus Ericson

Magnus Ericson ¹

Chief Human Resources Officer
Group HR

Mattias Forsberg

Mattias Forsberg ¹·²

IT and Infrastructure

Maria Hedin

Maria Hedin ¹·²

Chief Risk Officer 
Group Risk Control

Dan Lindvall

Dan Lindwall ¹·²

Capital Markets

Martin Noreus

Martin Noréus ¹·²

Chief Compliance Officer
Group Compliance


Louise Sander ¹

Chief Communications Officer
Group Communications

Martin Wasteson

Martin Wasteson ¹·²

Chief Legal Officer
Group Legal

CEO Carina Åkerström

Carina Åkerström ¹·²

President and Group Chief Executive

Co-opted to the Bank's executive management

Michael Green

Michael Green

Swedish branch operations
Katarina Ljungqvist

Katarina Ljungqvist

Business Development, Sweden

Group-wide independent control functions


Mårten Bjurman

Chief Audit Executive
Group Audit 

¹ Executive Directors: In accordance with Swedish Companies Act (ABL).
² Risk Forum: Forum for the follow-up of risk management within several areas and for in-depth discussions regarding the Bank’s overall risk situation prior to Board meetings.