1. European mortgages

European mortgages

We provide mortgages for customers buying property in France, Portugal or Spain.

Helping you with your international mortgage

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Are you banking with Handelsbanken in our home markets and thinking about buying property in France, Portugal or Spain? We help Handelsbanken customers from Sweden and Norway with their mortgages. 

We have long experience and can make the mortgage process as easy and straightforward as possible. Through our established relations with lawyers and notaries, we can offer contacts and professional services throughout the full purchase process.

Together, we will find a solution that meets your requirements and needs.

How can we help?

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Do you have questions or would like to apply for a mortgage in France, Portugal or Spain? Contact us at the Mortgage Banking Desk for more information. 

We can assist you in the following languages: Swedish, French, English, German and Spanish.

Mortgage Banking Desk
Tel: +352 27 4864122
E-mail: mortgagedesk@handelsbanken.lu

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