Mortgage loans in Spain

Dreaming of buying a property in Spain? We can help you.
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We'll help you make your dream come true

Buying a property in Spain is different from the way things work in Sweden or Norway. Our representative office in Marbella have long experience of the Spanish housing market and will help you get started. Through our established collaborations with local lawyers and valuers, we'll be able to provide contacts and professional advice throughout the entire mortgage process.

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Mortgage loan in Spain

For private individuals, our offering includes mortgage loans to buy a property, renovate an existing property, or re-financing of an existing mortgage loan. Your mortgage loan will be registered with Handelsbanken Luxembourg, with the property in Spain as collateral. Unlike Spanish banks, we don't require life insurance for those who wish to borrow money.
In order for us to be able to assist you, you'll need to be a customer with Handelsbanken in Sweden or Norway. If you’re not already a customer, we can help you establish contact with one of our home branches.

This is how it works – step by step

  1. Apply for a committed loan offer at your Handelsbanken branch in Sweden or Norway. 
  2. Once the committed loan offer has been approved, contact us at Handelsbanken Marbella.
  3. We recommend you to get in contact with a lawyer already before the purchase of the property, who will help you throughout the buying process. We are happy to assist you with a first contact. 
  4. Once you have found a property you are interested to buy, contact Handelsbanken Marbella to order a valuation. The valuation will be done by an approved valuation company.
  5. Handelsbanken verifies the valuation, approves the credit, together with your branch in Sweden or Norway, and sets the terms and conditions.  
  6. You will need to open an EUR account and fill in a direct debit mandate in order for the quarterly payments to go through. (Your branch in Sweden or Norway will help you with this if you don’t already have one.)
  7. We will send you the loan documents for signing.
  8. We will pay out the loan directly to the Bank's collaboration lawyer approximately one week before the completion date. 
  9. Completion takes place at the notary's office.
The Spanish mortgage process with Handelsbanken normally takes 6-8 weeks, but the total buying process normally takes up to 2-3 months.

Some facts regarding mortgage loans in Spain

  • Minimum mortgage amount: EUR 100,000
  • Term: 10-25 years (the loan must be repaid by the year you turn 80 at the latest)
  • Straight repayment
  • Loan-to-value ratio: 60-75 per cent of the lower value of the purchase price or the valuation
  • Interest rate: Based on Euribor floating 3-month rate plus the Bank’s margin 
  • All the buyers must be borrowers 
  • The property must be valued by a valuer that has been approved by Handelsbanken. You are responsible for the valuation costs.
  • Arrangement fee: EUR 3,000 + 1,75 % of the loan amount.

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