1. Digitalisation at Handelsbanken

Digitalisation at Handelsbanken

Digitalisation is a never-ending journey. The following is a selection of what is happening within Handelsbanken’s digitalisation efforts.

Stephan Erne about the report

Stephan Erne
Stephan Erne, Chief Digital Officer

Sustainable customer value in a changing world 

What does working with a focus on the customer actually entail? It’s hardly news that the pandemic has, in a very short time, acted as a catalyst for us to change our behaviour, embrace new technology, and to show a real willingness to adopt new services when they meet our needs.

While the pandemic has created new challenges, it has also brought about new, innovative solutions to address these. That’s perhaps why we are so proud to have been named Sweden’s most innovative major bank by Swedish Innovation Index for the third year in a row. The fact that Handelsbanken is perceived to be innovative by our customers means that we have succeeded with what means the most to us – namely, meeting the challenges and needs of our customers. That we focus on the customer, quite simply. In order for our ongoing transformation journey to be a success, and thereby to create even more customer value, the different parts of the Bank need to work together and co-operate. A co-operation that goes far beyond what is needed to offer the products and services that the customers see. The entire Bank needs to agree on and implement the same high level of ambition, to develop its expertise continuously, to push, refine and evaluate working methods and structures, and not least, to continue working with our strong and unique culture as a basis for our accomplishments. However, it may be even more important that this co-operation adopts an open, curious mindset, that we continue to think in a customer-centric way, and above all, that we stick to the values that lie behind all our decisions. As the world around us changes at an ever faster rate, those attributes will be more and more critical to our success.

Three ways forward for our digitalisation journey

Our digitalisation follows three strategies. Together, they aim to develop and display our offering to more people on more occasions, with the ambition of giving support and advice through all the life phases and events affecting you or your company.

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Even closer to the customer

Our competency and expertise must be made more accessible where our customers are. The distance between development, usage and feedback must be shortened.

Individual and personal advisory services for more people 

Increase the customer value and realise the potential in our 35 million digital meetings per month by utilising data and and by treating each customer as an individual.

Increased focus on life events 

Understand and actively help our customers in the long term, with their current life situation as the starting point.

Our four focus areas

The pace of digital development is increasing rapidly. When faced with numerous options, the most important question is: What should we focus on? Our development work is focused most distinctly on four areas:

The customer meeting

It has to be simple to be a customer of Handelsbanken. Our meeting places must be accessible and useful, and based on our customers’ requirements. We will offer an integrated local and accessible experience, where customers can move between different meeting places.

Data & security

We use data to offer relevant, customised services and products at all our meeting places. As the importance and value of data are constantly increasing, we have to ensure that our customers feel secure in the knowledge that our use of data meets the highest standards of security, ethics and privacy. Our strength lies in combining this with close relationships and extensive customer knowledge in our customer meetings.

Building relationships

Our personal and long-term customer relationships give us a competitive edge. By supplementing our personal knowledge of our customers with concrete data, and by reducing the administrative tasks required of our employees, we are given the opportunity to provide the right offer, at the right time, in the right place. It must be easy to give service and support to our customers.

New co-operations

New regulations and new technology are generating increased openness and data sharing. Together with other players, we can capitalise on our in-depth knowledge of our customers’ expectations to develop our local and digital presence, and in doing so create customer benefit and business opportunities.

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