1. Digitalisation at Handelsbanken

Digitalisation at Handelsbanken

Digitalisation is a never-ending journey. The following is a selection of what is happening within Handelsbanken’s digitalisation efforts.

Evolution, not revolution

Stephan Erne
Stephan Erne, Chief Digital Officer

Is it possible to build relationships through the screen of a smartphone?

'Digitalisation sometimes tends to be only conflated with automation. For us, nothing could be less true. We believe that digitalisation can bring us closer to the customer. Consequently, we are now moving into the next phase, in which relationships are not solely dependent on physical meetings – and can instead be created, strengthened and nurtured in a digital setting. 

At Handelsbanken, we genuinely care for our customers, we recognise their needs, and we believe in the concept that a bank should not only sit passively beside their customers, but actively enable them to live the lives they really want. These ideas along with a higher degree of digitalisation enables us to truly be Handelsbanken, for a lot more of our customers.

When the glass between the customer and us is no longer only the branches' windows towards the high street but a smartphone screen, we can be even more proactive, address more customer needs – and give more relevant, personally tailored tips and advice.

We are working with evolution, not revolution. We do not follow others, we follow our customers and our focus is to meet their needs. Our way of differentiating is to be the best at creating customer value through long-lasting relationships.'

Even more Handelsbanken – to even more people

Our decentralised model aims to make the Bank as accessible to customers as possible. Given that our customers now interact with us more and more via digital channels, we are aiming higher. This to be as accessible, efficient and personal in this sphere also – always with the customers' needs at the centre. To be more Handelsbanken, if you would. For us, this means:

  • We make decisions as close to the customer as possible.
  • We focus on the things that create the most benefit for the customer.
  • The overall customer experience is critical.
  • We are organised with the customer as our starting point.


Read our latest presentation on our digitalisation efforts.

Three ways forward for our digitalisation journey

Our digitalisation follows three strategies. Together, they aim to develop and display our offering to more people on more occasions.

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Even closer to the customer

Our competency and expertise must be made more accessible where our customers are. The distance between development, usage and feedback must be shortened. 

Smart digital services and increased opportunities for personal contact and advisory services, simplifying daily life for our customers and employees are being developed. Soon the implementation of new cloud-based tools for customer relationships and collaboration will improve our ability to actively work to meet our customers' needs, help them when they are in a fix, and support in transitioning from insight to action.

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Increased focus on life events

There are many stages of life, and they differ from person to person. Based on our relationship and the customer's needs, we will be even more proactive, and digitally give them relevant tips and advice depending on their needs and life situation. 

We are starting our long-term relations at an earlier stage, in order to better meet future generations' and customers' needs. Insights and feedback directly from end users help us to optimise our offering, and provide inspiration for new solutions and offerings.

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Advice for life

When we know customers' financial goals and priorities, it is easy to automate and optimise their economy. New services such as these are constantly being developed nowadays. Our view is that customer needs and desires must steer this development. What method is appropriate for various matters and services must be decided by our customers. 

We must always be available to our customers, with smart digital services and personal contact with advanced advisory services.

A selection of newly-introduced solutions

The following is a selection of what is happening within Handelsbanken's digitalisation efforts.

Hand holding mobile phone

Apple Pay launched in more markets

In October, Apple Pay was launched to our customers in Sweden. This followed us launching the service in Denmark and Norway this summer. Apple Pay offers our customers a secure, easy and contactless way to pay with their iPhone or Apple Watch. It is easy to set up using Wallet. Once the customers add a card to iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac, they can start using Apple Pay on that device.

The customer reactions have been very positive – both in terms of number of added cards and transaction volumes as well as response in social media and other channels.

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Improved tools for pensions

Mobile guide for pension savings 
During October, a new tool was launched in the Swedish private mobile app aimed at those who easily wish to get started saving for their pension. Using the same logic and bases of calculation as in an advisory session, the customer can easily and efficiently calculate how much they need to save to achieve the desired level for their future pension. The tool also offers an integrated purchase flow allowing the customer to open custody accounts and fund savings accounts in three simple steps.

Making savings for children and pension savings easier
Nowadays, Danish private customers who know that they want to start pension savings, or savings for children, and who know how they want to invest their funds, can open something called "Puljer", and manage their investments themselves. (Puljer is a Danish investment product under separate regulations.) Previously, this was dependent on an assessment of the customer's attitude to risk in their savings having being registered and carried out, irrespective of whether the customer had requested advisory services.

Advisory Support
An important part of the Bank's full advisory services relates to needs analysis. Using the Advisory Support, the advisor maps out the customer’s situation and creates forecasts based on their desired retirement age and desired proportion of final salary. They also identify whether there is any need for supplementary savings or capital. Since September, this support is also available in Finland. 

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Improvements for Private Banking customers

Portfolio analysis
As a first step in our efforts to improve the Bank’s digital services for Private Banking customers, we have launched a brand new service – Portfolio analysis – in the Swedish Online Banking. The new service will give the customer access to a number of improved ways to analyse their portfolio holdings. The purpose is to provide the customer with a clearer overview of their portfolio, and the allocation of their holdings.

Customer reporting package
A new customer reporting package has been implemented in Finland. The purpose is to give our Private Banking and Asset Management customers easy access to relevant information on the performance of their investment portfolios. The report can be accessed by the customer via Online Banking, and gives the customer an overview of their investments.

Improved investment reporting
In 2019, Handelsbanken's subsidiary Heartwood Investment Management launched its new digital reporting platform. Offering reporting via computer, tablet and mobile allows customers and advisors to follow the development of the investment portfolio, and to access reports and detailed analysis, together with relevant market commentary. Among other things, the platform has been used during the covid-19 crisis to provide customers with daily updates on the financial markets and investments. 

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New solutions for corporate customers

Green loan for environmentally friendly buildings
In Sweden, Green loans are now available also for companies that own environmentally certified or energy efficient buildings, as well as for companies intending to build new environmentally friendly and climate-smart buildings, and for companies implementing energy efficiency improvements. Applications for and the processing of such loans can now be managed directly via a branch, simplifying the process for both the customer and the branch.

New mobile app
In Denmark, our corporate customers have a new mobile app. The customer can easily authorise payments wherever and whenever they want. Users can now switch between private and corporate business through a simple switch between the different apps. It is our hope that this will contribute to more satisfied customers at the Bank.

Our four focus areas

The pace of digital development is increasing rapidly. When faced with numerous options, the most important question is: What should we focus on? Our development work is focused most distinctly on four areas:

The customer meeting

It has to be simple to be a customer of Handelsbanken. Our meeting places must be accessible and useful, and based on our customers’ requirements. We will offer an integrated local and accessible experience, where customers can move between different meeting places.

Data & security

We use data to offer relevant, customised services and products at all our meeting places. As the importance and value of data are constantly increasing, we have to ensure that our customers feel secure in the knowledge that our use of data meets the highest standards of security, ethics and privacy. Our strength lies in combining this with close relationships and extensive customer knowledge in our customer meetings.

Building relationships

Our personal and long-term customer relationships give us a competitive edge. By supplementing our personal knowledge of our customers with concrete data, and by reducing the administrative tasks required of our employees, our branches are given the opportunity to provide the right offer, at the right time, in the right place. It must be easy to give service and support to our customers.

New co-operations

New regulations and new technology are generating increased openness and data sharing. Together with other players, we can capitalise on our in-depth knowledge of our customers’ expectations to develop our local and digital presence, and in doing so create customer benefit and business opportunities.

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